Darkstorm Servers’ Values


Darkstorm Servers was founded around frustration from many great servers closing without any notice, or going into disrepair and shortly thereafter forgotten about. We’ve been at this since 2014, and have no plans to stop.


One of the biggest priorities of every server we run is being a nontoxic and enjoyable place to relax and have fun.

A Friendly Environment

So many gaming communities turn into a toxic mess, one of our strongest values is to keep Darkstorm fun for all.

About Darkstorm Servers

Darkstorm began as a small project in early 2014, and with the help of the community has grown into something amazing. We started off small as a little 20-player server originally known as “Gunners Build Server”, it was a mix of community feedback and sheer luck that made us come up with the current name of Darkstorm.

Our Servers:

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