Rules last updated: 2/13/2023

General Rules

  1. Cheating, Hacking, (D)DoS, or such threats will lead to a permanent ban
  2. Don’t advertise other communities or servers
  3. Don’t spam
  4. Don’t crash the server
  5. Don’t enter the skybox without staff approval
  6. Don’t intentionally exploit bugs in the game or server
  7. Don’t be obnoxious or malicious with PAC
  8. Don’t initiate votekick/bans on other players while staff are online & active
  9. Don’t interfere with admins resolving issues
  10. Don’t harass players
  11. If your PAC3 has an edited entity size, the minimum size is 0.45 and the maximum size is 1.45
  12. Sexual content is prohibited
  13. Abide by the “Facepunch Terms of Service for Garry’s Mod”
  14. Please have at least three Latin (English Alphabet) characters in your name, or numbers (trusted players may be exempt from this rule)

Player vs. Player Rules

  1. Don’t damage anyone near or within a spawn zone
  2. Don’t engage in any combat while noclipping
  3. RDM is allowed in player versus player mode. Press F6 to enter build mode
  4. Don’t engage in any combat with players using the PAC editor while in a safe / designated PAC area.
  5. Don’t teleport to kill or to escape.
  6. Don’t damage grounded aircraft.
  7. Don’t Prop Push / Prop Kill
  8. (If applicable) Don’t abuse buildmode during PVP.
  9. Consensual parties may waive these rights (e.g. your friend is fine with you prop killing them, etc.)

Contraptions & Creation Rules

  1. Please refrain from spawning laggy contraptions or builds.
  2. Don’t use thruster sounds.
  3. Don’t make obnoxiously loud or destructive builds
  4. Don’t abuse or spam ACF.
  5. The maximum allowed field generator distance is 1500 units.
  6. Don’t place anything within the skybox
  7. If someone asks you to leave their enclosed area, please do so.
  8. Delete wasteful items not in use. (Simfphys & aircraft gibs, E2 Spawned props, etc.)

Communication Rules

  1. Don’t speak over/cut people off while they’re talking.
  2. Don’t be loud or annoying on the microphone.
  3. Don’t spam or flood the chat (the occasional Lenny burst is permitted)
  4. Don’t hold down your microphone key for an excessive amount of time.
  5. Don’t act toxic towards other players or start drama
  6. Catfishing or any form of sexual predatory behavior is strictly prohibited, especially to minors.
  7. Racism and/or direct racial slurs are not allowed
  8. Cancel culture is not welcome here

Reporting Players

  1. We prefer that you report players breaking rules via PM, the /calladmin command, or using the @ key in-game. This helps us catch people without them knowing they’ve been reported.
  2. Staff will not punish players without visible photo or video proof of a player breaking said rule (accusations do not count).