2. Be respectful to all players outside of roleplay
    • No hate speech or symbology under any circumstance
    • Roleplay is never an excuse to harass or torment someone
  3. Do not threaten players or the community
    • Example: DDoS, dox, violence, real life threats, etc.
  4. Do not spam
    • Example: Chat, entities, props, etc.
  5. No obscene content
    • Examples: Nudity, gore or depictions of either
    • this also applies to PAC3, such as resizing your entity, hitbox, or size in any way
  6. Do not sell or exchange in game currency or items for real life items or money
    • Dupes are excluded, they are your property. Trade at your own risk.
  7. Do not encourage others to break the rules
    • You may receive the equal or greater punishment for the rule violation
  8. Do not avoid punishment by any means
    • Example: Disconnecting or using alternate accounts. For this reason we do not recommend account sharing.
  9. Staff have final say on the rules including those not explicitly written on this page
    • Examples on these rules are just for reference. Do not be a DarkRP lawyer. Do not complain about their decisions.
  10. Do not abuse wiremod
    • this refers to expression 2, wire turrets, and any other contraption that can be used to minge



  • Anything that damages you, threatens your freedom or any instance below:
    • Examples: Stunsticking, kidnapping, kidnapping, bug bait, wants (not auto server wants)

5 Second Warning:

  • 5 second warnings are used for a variety of things such as warnings to move, mugs and some arrests

Hostile Intent:

  • Used to determine if you can instantly take action against a player in various ways


Random Death Match (RDM):

  • Do not randomly damage or kill people. You may kill people¬†after completing a 5 second kill warning, for hostile intent, if you’re raiding them or if your job allows it.
  • Assassination is not RDM (shut up)


  • You may not use information gained beyond your characters knowledge, outside roleplay, your current life, or if you’ve lost sight to carry out any action in RP.

 RP Relation:

  • You may protect players and their property if they have RP relation to you.

Building and Basing:

  • Prop blocking, climbing, griefing and minging are not allowed. Do not make intrusive builds. Pointless builds may be removed.
  • You must not have to use more than 6 fading doors to access your entire base and its contents. Base layout must be clear and concise. You must use signs for certain protections. Bases that are not being used may be force unowned/deleted by a staff member if another player wants it.¬†Lastly, the Police/Mayor can have a 7th fading door for the jail buttons only


  • You may mug for no more than $10k, must give a 10 second mug warning and must wait at least 10 minutes before mugging the same person again.
  • Only some jobs are allowed to mug. When you change jobs the F4 menu tells you if the job can.


  • You may not raid bases with building/roleplay signs or that obviously do not have any raidables. You must wait at least 10 minutes before raiding the same map base or player/group again. Raids may not last longer than 10 minutes.
  • Only some jobs are allowed to raid. You may raid as any job to escape jail or kidnapping. When you change jobs the F4 menu tells you if the job can.


  • Police may not issue Warrants without reason or with a reason that is not in rp


  • Only some jobs are allowed to kidnap. When you change jobs the F4 menu tells you if the job can.
    • To take a hostage, the kidnapping class must own the door to the base and/or the props of the construction. ORG-wide ownership is not valid.


  • Demotions are for players who fail to satisfy the objectives of their jobs. Some jobs have specific reasons you may demote them, those are listed under job rules. You must provide a clear reason for demoting someone. You may demote for server rules only if there are no active staff online.
    • Example: Refusing to sell items as a vendor class, corruption as a government employee and disobeying reasonable orders from a leadership job which commands you such as police and police chief.



  • Mayor may not add laws that conflict with server rules.


  • You may kill anyone with a hit and you may kill anyone carrying someone with a hit. You may raid to kill a hit but you must leave after finishing your hit.


  • SWAT may only be used if the total player count on the server is at or exceeds 6 players