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Title: Darkstorm Remastered
Post by: Linkjay on July 27, 2018, 06:02:55 AM
We are now in the process of reforming and remastering the Darkstorm community.

First, we have made Zafiro a full permanent manager and developer. He know has access to our servers and will be carrying out some of our plans in-game.

Second, I am back to make top-level community changes and website changes. We will be changing things (for the better!) like the entire rule set and the rank hierarchy. We can already see a few changes like a new theme on the website, and staff ranks have been changed.

Staff ranks are now as follows.

These ranks were designed to streamline the importance of each level of staff without being too complicated. These ranks will be pushed in-game in a timely manner.

Things will be changing for the better in Darkstorm as time goes on. This is simply the beginning. 

- Link