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Author Topic: Darkstorm Remastered  (Read 2478 times)

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Darkstorm Remastered
« on: July 27, 2018, 06:02:55 AM »
We are now in the process of reforming and remastering the Darkstorm community.

First, we have made Zafiro a full permanent manager and developer. He know has access to our servers and will be carrying out some of our plans in-game.

Second, I am back to make top-level community changes and website changes. We will be changing things (for the better!) like the entire rule set and the rank hierarchy. We can already see a few changes like a new theme on the website, and staff ranks have been changed.

Staff ranks are now as follows.

  • Owner - The big man. Bryantdl7 is our only owner atm.
  • Manager - This is the new Co-Owner. Everyone who was Co-Owner, and is still active, is now here. It has as much access as Co-Owner did, but renamed. This rank is permanent and assigned by Owner.
  • Superadmin - This is admin but more trusted and more permissions, but not as much as manager.
  • Administrator - This is the step up from moderator and shows that you are competent and done well enough for a promotion.
  • Retired Staff - This is an admin-level position for any staff rank where the user is now inactive. Mods may get this, but is not guaranteed. It goes off of each user's performance.
  • Moderator - This is the rank assigned upon a successful mod application and is now the replacement for Tmod. You stay at this rank until management sees that you have done well enough.
  • Probation Admin - This is a temporary disciplinary rank for staff members that have committed a punishable act.

These ranks were designed to streamline the importance of each level of staff without being too complicated. These ranks will be pushed in-game in a timely manner.

Things will be changing for the better in Darkstorm as time goes on. This is simply the beginning. 

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