The list of all current leadership here at Darkstorm.


  • Bryant


  • The Killer 2
  • McGlowSticks
  • Sebastien Physsien
  • Sparky

Co-owners hold a significant stake in Darkstorm with equal voting power on the direction we go. While we do have only one “owner”, the co-owners have just as much of a say due to our board style approach to leadership.


  • Manager of Darkstorm Build – Gundam
  • Manager of Darkstorm CWRP – Bond
  • Manager of Darkstorm MvM – PsBoxFour
  • Manager of Copium Construct – Hounddogie
  • Manager of Darkstorm RP – [Vacant!]

Managers are the primary person in charge of the server mentioned, they work closely with the owners to ensure the servers work well and alongside the vision of Darkstorm.

Super Admins

  • PsBoxFour
  • Bond
  • Hounddogie

Super Admins are our most trusted administrators, with the power to control many management level tasks. They’re the middle ground between the managers and the normal staff members. Managers commonly hold the super admin role outside of their server of expertise.

If you’re interested in joining any of these servers, you can find info on how to join by clicking here!