1. Harassment, Racism, and Discrimination is not tolerated

2. No PVP until Anarchy day (teamkilling is allowed but must be announced)

3. No raiding other bases but looting players that are in the open is permitted

4. You are allowed to kill intruders that enter your base without permission

5. Please call out major monuments that you are visiting and are going to visit (do not callout monuments like 5 minutes in advance lol)

6. Do not counter anything, if they got to it first, its theirs

7. Call out PVE events that are not located at a specific monument (heli, cargo, etc.)

8. You can claim airdrops only when standing under them and calling them out in chat, Or in the grid they are falling in

9. turrets can only be placed inside an enclosed compound and cannot have the ability to shoot passing players

10. Traps may be placed in the open but not around or near monuments, roads, and other player’s bases (if you hit one then its your fault)

11. SAMs are allowed to be placed, however they cannot be active until the Anarchy has started

12. Monuments cannot be walled off at all

13. If you happen to run into an issue or need something talk to staff so the situation can be sorted out

14. Have fun

Anarchy Info:

Anarchy is 4 days before wipe and starts at 12am CST (start of the day), at that point Killing, Raiding, SAMs and any rules regarding traps, turrets, and calling out events become null, however rules 1, and 12 stand

Wipe Info:🤓

Map wipe is every month with bp wipe every 3 months.