Role Objectives:

  • Innocents: Stay alive and do your best to assist detectives in identifying traitors and killing them.
  • Detectives: Identify and kill all the traitors before the timer runs out or protect at least one innocent until the timer runs out.
  • Traitors: Kill all the innocents and optionally the detectives.

Game Results:

  • Innocents Win: When all the traitors are dead or when at least one innocent is alive at the end of the round.
  • Traitors Win: When all the innocents are dead.


  • Giving out any information about the game to other players while you have access to explicit information using any method of communication.

Innocents/Detectives Rules:

  • May not random-death-match (RDM) (defined below)
  • May not cause damage or kill innocents or detectives unless acting in self defense (includes using map objects).
  • May not present a player as a traitor without a valid reason.
  • May not traitor bait (defined below).
  • May not kill a player for disobeying orders.
  • Allowed to damage or kill to comply with a valid KOS order.

Traitor Rules:

  • May not kill or damage other Traitors unless acting in self defense. (includes using map objects).
  • You may only shoot your Traitor buddies when both parties agree. (To falsify being Innocent, etc)

Random Death Match (RDM):

  • (RDM) When an innocent or a detective damages or kills another player for:
  • An illogical reason.
  • No reason.
  • Assumptions based on how a player moves and talks.
  • Throwing grenades away from other players.
  • Killing someone without directly seeing them commit an action.
  • Disobeying an order.
  • Pointing a gun at someone.
  • Freeshooting; The failure to resist randomly shooting resulting in someone possibly getting injured or RDM’ed
  • (Not RDM) Killing a player that is committing a Traitor Act.

Traitor Baiting:

  • Making it look like you are a Traitor when you’re actually an Innocent.

Suspicious Acts:

  • Any traitor-like act that is not listed under Traitor Acts is a Suspicious Act.
  • Throwing flash or decoy grenades around or towards other players.
  • Accusing players of being traitors for illogical reasons.
  • Moving bodies.
  • Intentionally deviating attention from a traitor.
  • Giving false information about a player.

Traitor Acts:

  • Shooting around or towards other players, unless for self-defense.
  • Throwing frag or fire grenades around or towards other players, unless for self-defense.
  • Declaring KOS order on an innocent.
  • Planting bombs (C4) or detonating the jihad vest.
  • Actively tailing other players with explosive items.
  • Hiding or moving traitor equipment (C4).
  • Hiding bodies.
  • Hiding a health station or disposing of one.
  • Actively moving a health station away from people.
  • Blatantly ignoring or leaving bodies unidentified.
  • Possessing silenced weapons.
  • Damaging or killing players using weapons or map objects, unless for self-defense.