Source Engine is a weird thing with many bugs, one of the ways to prevent these bugs in to frequently change maps. Many Source games do this already, such as TF2 giving you automated prompts to change maps. You may think those are just there to keep the game fun, but they serve a crucial job of preventing unexpected crashes, as map changes count as a soft reboot.

As I hate having work lost just as much as the next person, I have devised a system where the map will automatically reload back to gm_flatgrass on a three hour period. This will replace the AFK reboot system putting the server on a random map.

Is there a schedule for when these map changes will occur?

Yes there is, here is when you’ll see it happen over the course of an entire day. I am putting them in military time just for the sake of that’s how the system is set up, 0:00 is midnight, 12:00 is noon, etc.

Each three hour period will work like so, I’ll use midnight as an example. 00:30 means 12:30 AM UTC, and so on.

  • 00:00 – One hour warning of reboot occurs
  • 00:30 – 30 Minute warning is posted
  • 00:55 – Five minute warning is posted
  • 00:59:30 – 30 second warning is posted
  • 00:59:55 – Map change begins
  • 01:00 – Reboot occurs

Map Reload Schedule (actual time of it happening, expect warnings an hour prior.)

  • 01:00 UTC
  • 07:00 UTC
  • 13:00 UTC
  • 19:00 UTC

For example, If I am playing and the server time hits midnight, you’ll see a one hour warning. At 1:00 AM the server will reload the map. If you kept playing until 3:00 AM, you would see another one hour warning, with the server doing another map reload at 4:00 AM.

As always, this is a system which is being actively tested, if anyone has feedback on how this could be improved please feel free to reach out either via the forums, or Discord. Both links can be found in the top toolbar.

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